iPhone 4S review

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iPhone 4S review

PostPosted by stuart » Fri Nov 29, 2013 11:06 pm

iPhone 4S review
iPhone 4S 16 gb white
In the box
iPhone 4S
The box comes neatly presented like any apple product. The 4s succeeds the previous years iPhone 4. The phone is the same shape and size as the previous iPhone but a bit thinner than the iPhone 4.
There wasn't really much change apart from adding a new feature apple introduced called Siri, a personal assistant with either a male or female voice. You speak your words rather than typing & it will search things for you or do what you need.
It does however have a habit of mistaking your speech sometimes & will find things that you didn't actually ask it in the first place.
The software loaded on the iPhone 4S was the latest iOS 5 released alongside the iPhone 4S, it improved people's battery life somewhat to a better degree.
It was a totally different look to the previous iOS & looked professional.
You could get it in white or black, 16 & 32gb models
iMessage was introduced as a way of sending messages to other iPhones for free a bit like instant messaging. It would tell you when the message was delivered but not all of the time did it send the actual message then it would ask you if you wanted to send it as a text message instead.
The sound is very clear through the microphone & there is a limiter on the volume unlike previous models. . The screen is slightly larger than before which is nicer. The newer processor makes the iPhone 4S 20% faster than its predecessor so it soaks up battery life a little bit more but that is due to the processor chip being faster & compensating for the battery.
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