How to add a picture to your post

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How to add a picture to your post

PostPosted by liquid » Wed Jun 19, 2013 10:11 pm

Hello guys and girl.

How to add a picture to your post;

Step one

You need to upload a picture to a image hosting website (for now) if your chosen picture is on your computer.
(for pictures already online skip to step two)

To do this you need to choose an image host. Personally I use;

Its free to use :)

to start you'll see this;


1)Click browse (1) and find the picture you want to upload.
2)Make sure you have "640x480 (for message boards)" selected (2)
3)Once you have you image selected and the correct size click "Upload it!" (3)

You will then be taken to your picture.

Scroll down the page slightly and you'll see this;

You need to select the one highlighted and click "copy to clipboard"

Step Two

Now you have your picture ready to be shown in your post go back to the forums and get your post ready.

Once your post is ready and you want to add your picture left click where you would like your picture to appear for example I have clicked here;


Then click on "Img" on the top of this screen


and youll see "" appear where you selected


All you need to do now is copy the link to the picture that you created in step one and place it between those two tags that appeared.(without spaces). Right click and select "paste" or hit "CTRL + V.

Click "Submit" like you do to post normally and there you go a lovely picture :)
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