Galaxy S2 Charging Issues

Galaxy S2 Charging Issues

PostPosted by MI5 » Thu Jul 04, 2013 8:59 am

This is common on the S2 and also apparent on the S3 (but less so).

One day you take your phone off charge and the phone still thinks it's charging,
The battery symbol appears on screen with the words "Charging Paused, Voltage too high" or similar.....
A big Yellow exclamation mark appears on screen.....

All these symptoms are a result of a dirty or damaged charging port.

First step to take it to look for any fluff or debris on the charging socket. A cotton bud, tooth pick or similar can be carefully used to clean out the socket.
Even better, use compressed air, if you have access to it.
If you are still having issues with a clean socket it will, unfortunately, be a damaged connection pin.
You may get a temporary repair by very carefully bending the centre tag of the socket upwards (towards the screen), but ultimately a new "Charge Port Ribbon Cable" is required.
Good news is that the part is easily replaced and will cost less than £10 on eBay or your local mobile repair shop should be able to do it for low cost.

In future, be careful when plugging/unplugging your charger or data cable as the damage is usually done by pulling or pushing the connection at an angle rather than keeping the plug fully square to the phone......
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