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The Regulars

PostPosted by opium » Sun Jun 16, 2013 9:08 am

You might have noticed that some users on the forum have their names in orange (or green/red).

The names in orange are Trustees- they help make this forum what it is. These are users who give up their time to help all the other forum members where they can and between them carry a great deal of knowledge about networks, mobiles and broadband.

This thread is so you can find out a little more about them.

Trustees are selected on merit so please don't ask an admin if you can be one, this will be rejected.

Green users are moderators and Red users are admins.
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Re: The Regulars

PostPosted by Cleoriff » Sun Jun 16, 2013 10:38 am

Hi its Cleoriff aka Denise
I have gone first in this section as my husband says 'i always have to be first at the buffet'....
Right..deep breath and here we go :roll:
I am a retired nurse (age 68...yeah I know) I went into nursing as a cadet in 1960...worked up the ranks to senior management and retired in 2005. I got bored with 'retirement' and after 2 months of twiddling my thumbs, I joined a nursing agency and went back doing what I was trained to do, ie look after patients
I actually specialised in Accident and Emergency, ITU and Trauma and Orthopaedics. Back problems forced me to' give up the profession I loved 3 years ago. :cry:
I have two sons (45 and 42) and two wonderful grandkids.
I am a complete and utter technophobe :oops: (unless its with medical technology) I am ok with certain things on the computer but my husband is a computer whiz, so in a way, its easy for him to do anything technical (yes I know... THAT old saying 'You don't have a dog and bark yourself')
II was pushed into the world of smartphones by my lads who felt i was quite trendy with lots of things so I needed to get with it!
Mistake really..I am the proud owner of a Samsung S3..and it the most underused S3 going (apologies for that!) I can call, text, send pictures and read my emails from it but that's it
I joined the O2 forum for help...and thanks to you guys, I am getting better with it.
However due to my technophobia I can usually be found in the Discussion/Off Topic threads unless I am asking someone questions about the S3 :o
I have been an active member of other forums (mainly in the medical field)
Music, Gardening, Socialising, Books, Being in the Sun,Football (with grandson!) and general babysitting duties
I have a group of friends who I join on Rock and Roll weekends away 2-3 times a year.(Well the 60's was my era!) Though I have a broad range of favourite bands ranging from Queen, The Who, Pink Floyd, Sisters of Mercy (Nephew is lead guitarist) Muse, Kasabian,The Hollies....and many many more

So that's me folks...hope I haven't bored you :D (I will get round to posting some pics when I have damn well worked out how to do it!) See that's me...Technophobia incarnate! :twisted: :twisted:
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Re: The Regulars

PostPosted by Gillsfankev » Sun Jun 16, 2013 10:46 am

Hi Everyone!

Names Kev currently 33 and living in Cooooornwaaaall and loving life. Still working unfortunately but always looking at ways to solve that problem!

Main area that I can hopefully help is in the Android section although I do pop in and have a nose around the other areas to see if I can help about. Love a bit of Android/iOS banter so feel free to try!!

Massive Football fan! Gillingham FC are quite obviously the best team in the world! but also enjoy mucking about with my phones when in the off season!
Yooooooooouu Arrrrrrrrreeeeee
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The regulars

PostPosted by jonsie » Sun Jun 16, 2013 8:51 pm

I’m Steve, 62 years old and widowed last year after 42 years of marriage. I have two children and two grandchildren. Eldest son is a Chief Paramedic and youngest is a teacher in Berlin where I visit twice a year.

Born and raised in Manchester but lived in Bolton since marrying in 1970.

Passionate about football (man U) and love playing golf but struggling to maintain my 16 handicap as I don’t play as often these days. Enjoy most sports especially F1, Rugby (both codes) and was a keen cricketer until the aches and pains overtook the enjoyment. My main claim to fame in the cricketing world was to bowl out Gary Sobers when I was 14 years old. (you younger guys will need to Google him) He was a world class cricketer although I was pretty useful too having played for Leigh and Bolton as well as Lancashire schoolboys.

Started work as an apprentice motor mechanic and stayed in that job for 25 years although motor cycles were my preferred method of transport. Had a fish & chip shop for 12 years, worked in the O2 Bury call centre for 3 years and presently working for a bank that all the community members and the government own. Guess that makes me a Government Agent!! :smileyvery-happy:

Had the good fortune to have travelled extensively worldwide but there is still so much more to see.

I’m in a transitional stage of life and have a 3 month trip to Thailand around April (been 4 times) with a view to retiring there permanently eventually. Now booked another 3 months in November to take in Christmas & New Year as the last one was so awful (first one alone)

Interested in all new technology but can fondly remember when life seemed so much simpler. First phone was a Trium Astral, first proper phone was the ‘must-have’ Nokia 3210 and tended to stick with Nokia ever since until getting the iphone 4 around 9 months ago. Now seen the light and gone Android and settled for the Samsung S3.

So there you have it, my life summed up in as few words as possible but I have to say I wouldn't have changed any of the experience life as taught me. (I have learned so much in the last 3 months I could write a book!)
I'm leaving now to go find myself....if I arrive before I get back, please ask me to wait!
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Re: The Regulars

PostPosted by stuart » Fri Jun 21, 2013 9:07 pm

Hi my name is Stuart, 29 years old, love gadgets, have aspergers syndrome & some mobility problems but i just get on with it.

i am a friendly guy with a good sense of humour, love meeting new people. very interested in mobile phones & ipads. my first phone was a nokia 402 on orange, it was the 5110 but orange renamed it for some reason. my current phone is an iphone 4, i am hoping to either get the next iphone or considering the galaxy s3 or the new s4.

my main area of expertise is ios devices, pay as you go & O2 refresh

thanks guys
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